3 thoughts on “Courtney Karis”

  1. this is a very painterly image, all about line and strokes of color, and the gradient across the photo. The moments of texture add something extra to the picture, and it would be interesting to see more of these snippets. Perhaps other images could be made in a series where more of the litho print/other tools in the printing process are shown.

  2. It’s interesting how even though this is a photo of a litho print and is very much about line and color, my mind still chooses to see a landscape. This is mostly due to the light green in the foreground that fades to a darker green near the “horizon.” This is then met with a dark blue which of course appears as a night sky. The texture across the image emphasizes this as well because it looks somewhat like blowing grass/weeds, or even as trees closer to the sky.

  3. I love the abstraction of the print and the photo quality gives it a really rich contrast and color. The darkness with the white marks/lines gives the photo a lot of depth, I would be interested in seeing more. Good job

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