photography, Western Michigan University

Emilee Guzak


Emilee Guzak
Art 3470: Digital Photography I
Digital Print

This work is one of my student choice images. It is very near and dear to my heart, within the image is my Grandmother’s piano, she past away two years ago. The keys have aged and chipped away, and it’s completely out of tune. The sunflower within the image is a metaphor to me, for the cycle of life.

3 thoughts on “Emilee Guzak”

  1. This is an endearing image that reflects beautifully the statement you made about it. Although the piano keys show the age of the piano, the piano itself looks rich and valuable. In direct contrast to the piano, there is the sunflower which appears to symbolize youth. I imagine the sunflower’s lost petals to represent youth (yourself) mourning the “destruction” of the aged keys, which in themselves would represent your grandmother. This is a beautiful photograph.

    I also really like how the sunflower stem continues beyond the edge of the photo, just as the keyboard does – although, in both directions. This, to me, suggests the idea of eternity which coincides with your theme of The Cycle of Life.

  2. Beautiful piece! There is a nice contrast between the piano and the flower. There is also a nice movement for the eye fallowing the keys. Is there a significance about how many pedals are singly on the keys? The flower is in an interesting position for the stem runs off the photo. This leaves the viewer up to their imagination for what that might portray.

  3. Not only is the composition as a whole really beautiful, but the meaning behind it, and how it means so much to you is really compelling as well. The fact that you set this up yourself makes it really cool, because you placed each petal in a specific spot and set up the sunflower in the spot that you wanted it to be in. The movement in this piece is really nice as well, because your eye moves throughout the piece in a diagonal pattern past the keys. The first thing that catches the viewers eyes is the bright yellow sunflower, which adds a really nice contrast between the duller/darker colors of the piano and white and black of the keys. Overall the composition is really beautiful, aesthetically and emotionally.

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