photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Emily Yslas



Emily Yslas
Art 376 Introduction to Photography
Silver Prints; 8″ x 12″ and 4″ x 8″

Description: These two images are the same. One is the negative and one is the positive (the print). The photograph was taken by using a home-made pinhole camera and exposing resin coated paper inside. The reverse image is the print using the negative created in the pinhole camera.

4 thoughts on “Emily Yslas”

  1. Impressive photos from a pinhole camera! Your photo has a strong sense of direction especially the right side with two parallel lines reaching closer to each other which totally bring my attention to the image.

  2. Very interesting and impressive. I also like the pairing the negative and the positive images to connect the images with only after really looking at the image do you see the sameness in each and that they are actually the same. The composition really stands out when they are paired together.

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