3 thoughts on “Javier A. Villaman”

  1. I really enjoy this image and agree that it could be a cover on a magazine. While I do not feel that the model is awkward, I do feel somewhat disconnected. I feel as though another picture is being shot from the right, and this picture is somewhat been taken on the side.

  2. Although I am not interested in fashion photography I do, at times, feel inspired by the images within the field. This particular image is very vibrant and unusual in the visual orientation. Even when I turn my head sideways to look at the image I still feel slightly disoriented because the models head is tipped and tilted, and the chain is then dangling sideways instead of downward. This image has a lot going on within its simplicity – which I love – but I wonder if there might have been a bit of a larger impact had the model been wearing dangling gold earrings to match the chain.

  3. This seems to be an almost satirical take on fashion photography because of the element of awkwardness that you’re describing. The makeup and almost gaudy jewelry and clothing make it seem like a commentary on materialism. Her open mouth furthers that effect.

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