6 thoughts on “Jessica Blodgett”

  1. By using such selective focus in this photograph, the emphasis on texture is enhanced. The background grass and additional foliage would have been distracting noise but the subtle blur enhances the texture in the photograph over all.

    Having the foot just below and to the side of the center of the photograph also keeps the viewer engaged and causes movement as your eyes follow the slight diagonal separation between the toes, the dirt, and the grass.

  2. I think the photo is successful because it makes me think about what I feel when I walk around bare foot. The scene seem frozen though. There is no movement. Feet move and flex and wiggle their toes and squish things. That is how I imagine my feet in mud, squishing dirty between my toes.

  3. The photographer did a great job in composition and dealing with depth of field. The details of the foot with dirts and ring shows harmonious interaction between human and nature. The colors in the photo were also well designed.

  4. I really love the color and texture that are emphasized in this picture. I think you really captured your concept on how different textures interact with human skin as we touch them in everyday life. Your choice of subject is also really interesting focusing on the foot interacting with the ground and dirt and grasses. Also, the framing is very well done and deciding to only include half of the foot in the picture was a very interesting compositional choice. The division into three colors and three parts make this picture also really great. The three colors composing this piece are of red, brown, and green, and the three parts to the picture are the dirt, the foot, and the grass.

  5. This photo successfully appeals to the sense of touch. I can almost feel my own feet in the dirt and the warmth of the sun. It makes me miss summer! I think the close up on the foot and the short depth of field makes the focus on the sensation of having dirt between one’s toes.

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