Mississippi State University, photography

Jessica Comer



Jessica Comer
Art 3873: Digital Photography
Digital Print; 16″ x 10″
# of Images in Series: 5

Statement: These images were part of a series I did exploring the interior space of an old abandoned house. I was interested in photographing the space exactly how the previous owners left it to maintain the character and atmosphere in which I discovered the home. I was intrigued by the natural light shining in from the deteriorated walls, ceilings, and floor. I would really love the chance to go back and re-explore this space.

3 thoughts on “Jessica Comer”

  1. These pictures capture the essence of the abandoned house, where its contents seem weathered and decaying. However, some of the objects photographed emphasize the effort of the previous homeowners to make their living space more lively. I would have liked to see the corridors, which often contain wall decorations.

  2. i enjoy the framing in these two images. in both, you’ve included some personal object, referencing the previous tenants, making us wonder about who they are/were. At the same time, space and emptiness are included as well, which refocuses our attention on their absence. It becomes a type of portrait of the people who are absent, and shows how we shape the spaces around us, and influence them even after we are gone. The images are connected in mood/tone and even by light and color, so, while I like the framing in each image, the bright cards in the top image distract a bit from the photographs.

  3. The lighting in each of these images is extremely beautiful. The soft light gives a calm but also exposing feeling to the abandoned feel of the home. The use of photographing empty spaces helps to convey the idea of abandonment as well.

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