Otterbein University, photography

Jordan Schrader



Jordan Schrader
ART 4500, Advanced Photography
Digital Prints; 13″ X 19″
There are 10 total images

This series is a major experiment with night photography and the effects of long exposures on light. The series s serves as a metaphor for solving life’s problems through solving the problems of working with difficult scenery. The concept behind this project is not shown in the images, but comes from the process of creating them.

3 thoughts on “Jordan Schrader”

  1. The colors you’re achieving in these photos are really beautiful. I wonder how you’re getting those pinks and blues. There is something about long exposures of light, especially that creates an almost magical effect.

  2. The photos are nice but with a bit more intention behind the shoot I think you would have a better result. A more dramatic lighting source would give the subject more contrast against the lit surroundings and make the composition more interesting. I do like the blur on the second photo, I feel movement and it makes it almost seem that she is against a backdrop.

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