photography, Western Michigan University

Kaileigh Oldham


Kaileigh Oldham
Art 3470: Digital Photography I
Digital Print; 8.5″ x 11″

Description: I was interested in the silhouette of my boyfriend as we were at a festival waiting for fireworks to start. I wanted to catch the light shining off of his skin in the right way. And I was able to capture him at the exact right moment, with his silhouette in the foreground and the light and crowd in the background. I thought it was the perfect moment.

2 thoughts on “Kaileigh Oldham”

  1. the light captured has an interesting effect, creating this graphic line-drawing of the subject’s profile. It would be cool to see different cropped variations of this image, perhaps getting closer and eliminating some of the background, or shifting it to the left a bit.

  2. My attention was first grabbed by the light contour besides the middle lighting in the picture. After reading your description, I like the picture as a well-captured spontaneous moment, which shows more about how you look into your boyfriend. To emphasize the subject, I think you can get rid off the left lighting parts which are kind of distracting to the overall picture. I also wish to see a little bit more space above the subject’s head.

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