photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Kate Douma



Kate Douma
Art 376 Introduction to Photography
Silver Print, 6″ x 9″
Series: 15 images

Statement: These images are part of a series entitled “So Many Bad Signs.” Images in the series are real signs found in everyday life that have an unnerving quality and/or are often humorous in a “is this for real/a joke?” sort of way.

3 thoughts on “Kate Douma”

  1. Signs are the product of industrial mass production, upon which every aspect of our lives is depended. This series of photographs document the human error, i.e., a glitch, in this very process we subconsciously trusted. I think this is a great series.

  2. I like the concept a lot, I think it will make for a good show and book. It’s real simple and non-pretensious and funny. Also seems like a good excuse to travel a lot (if you need one), and to keep making art on vacation. I always read signs where ever I go, I guess its kind of subconscious like the guy said, but its also just funny. So I guess the concept does have a sophisticated side to it too. Anyway, I think he series would benefit by a trip up north they got hilarious signs up there.

    The prints above seem like good straight forward prints, but I would prefer them in color.

  3. As a graphic designer, I find this series really interesting. Every day we’re surrounded by terrible marketing, design, and typography. I think that your choice of composition in this is also very striking. I wonder if you had specific reasons for how you framed them in reference to getting your point across or if you simply liked the composition.

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