Otterbein University, photography

Kristen Davis



Kristen Davis
ART 4500 Advanced Photography
Digital prints; 8″ x 10″
20 images

These images are from my diaristic series in which I am documenting vulnerable, wild, and unexpected moments that come with being a college student fumbling into adulthood. I am capturing the things going on around me, and in turn I am documenting my life. While I may not be directly involved in the happenings, I act as a voyer and preserve the moment with my camera. I want you to feel as though you are taking part in a private moment or peering into a journal with each image.

11 thoughts on “Kristen Davis”

  1. I like the idea behind these images, but I would recommend changing the order so they appear stronger, more so like a before and after shot.

  2. I like that these images reflect your life. I think that documenting the venerability of college to adult hood is often under documented. I think that your description of peering into the private moment has been successfully achieved.

  3. I really enjoyed the idea that the viewers have caught a inside glimpse in this life. I would love for this series to expand so I can learn more about these characters and the night they had. I also enjoyed how there are no faces in the frame, making it seem like anyone can be apart of this experience.

  4. I think you achieved your goal of capturing the vulnerable, wild, and unexpected moments of not only college students but any young adult struggling to realize adulthood is more than being old enough to make your own life choices and decisions. This effect of speaking for an entire age group is achieved by not showing faces in the frame.

  5. I think the first photo achieves what you’re going for. Having just the legs is an effective choice. They way they are positioned seems to speak to a need for closeness during a less than grounded time. I almost wish some of the edges were cropped out to bring the focus even more to the positioning of the feet, which seems to be the most expressive feature.

  6. I like the perspective and composition of both pictures. And both pictures are effectively narrative concerning the artist’s original idea. One suggestion though would be darkening the unnecessary parts a little (like the shoes and other stuff on the floor in the first picture and the background in second the second picture). You can also experience with more dramatic depth of fields.

  7. These are great! Even though it is a pretty common direction that photographers take, I think you were especially successful with it. I love that you kept your subjects anonymous in these photos. It makes them really easy to relate to.

  8. As a college student, I can really relate to your inspiration and content. I love the idea and I think you portrayed it really well. I love how exclusive your subjects are–you include little information but it is all the viewer needs to understand what is going on. The limited view also kind of makes you feel like you are there, looking at these things yourself. The feet all in bed together also gives it a humorous touch. Well done!

  9. I like the frame in each of these photos. It does make me feel like I am directly involved in each scene which makes the photos much more intriguing. This seems like it would be an interesting project to add more pictures to to expand the idea of the night that occurred.

  10. I love how you don’t get bad or good feelings from these photos. You know college life is about fun and partying and having the best time of your life but it’s not always like that.

  11. The first image has some excellent composition, the medium brightness of the floor pressed up against feet which gradually fade into darkness. It has a good focus on the appropriate subject matter, leading the audiences eye through each of the layers.

    The second image has some good yet organized chaos, though something about the perspective is a bit off. The table is just slightly off center, and I think if you’d taken the photo directly on, it might have benefited.

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