11 thoughts on “Lauren Schildberg”

  1. I really like this photograph. I think that the use of the reflective contact ball is amazing! I like that you see the background in the contact ball and that the hand holding it is in focus.

  2. Amazing how upside the world can be and it can still make compact sense. Just a phrase that came to my mind when looking at this photograph. I like the contrast of the small, sharp upside down environment and the larger out of focus background. What if the background was completely unrecognizable, just color and the sphere held the entire visual answer? The image reminds me of MC Escher’s drawings.

  3. This is really creative, since Lauren’s using a glass sphere to give an upside down reflection of the forest, sky, and the body of water. I can tell that the hand and the sphere are close to the camera, but I’m not quite sure how far away Lauren is from the forest. Overall a unique approach to the photo to have the viewers to look at the foreground and the background in awe.

  4. I experimented a lot with perspective and lenses in my glass class so this photo really drew me in with its use of lenses. I think that there is a lot to look at between the natural beauty of what is going on in the setting of nature and then looking at how that image is distorted when looking through the lens. I don’t necessarily think that there needs to be quite as much of the hand in the photograph, it takes away somewhat in my opinion, but I do like that we, as viewers, can tell that it is you holding a simple glass ball to create that effect.

  5. I like how the hand and ball are in shadow while the background is in direct sunlight, and the image in the ball reflects the sunlight to add an extra layer of (lighting) depth in the bottom half of the frame.

  6. This is a great photograph. Your composition works well and the light focus on the sphere really helps “pop” the reflection. The choice to leave the hand semi-dark also really helps move my eye towards the light of the sphere. Great choice of depth of field as well!

  7. I really love how the scenery in the juggling clear ball is in focus as well as the hand, and how the background is completely blurry. The short depth of field creates a really cool effect because it really makes you look at the forest upside down in the ball and forces you to look at the scenery in a different way rather than how you would normally if the ball wasn’t there distorting the scene. The colors are really beautiful too with the vivid blues of the sky and the greens of the forest, creating a nature-like and calming feel.

  8. Lovely. It’s especially interesting that the image in the glass appears in focus and the rest is out of focus. Your photo has an almost narrative quality. It reminds me of the Princess and the frog fairytale when she’s playing with her glass ball in the garden.

  9. I like the unique perspective this gives. What is inside the sphere is clear and what is outside of it is blurred and out of focus. It shows how sometimes you need to look at things from a different point of view in order to better understand your surroundings and see things more clearly.

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