2 thoughts on “Marena De Leau”

  1. As I was moving through the blog, I stopped on this photo. The monochromatic nature of it caught my attention. The figure seemed to be flattened. Then I read the photographer’s intention of having the figure blend into the environment. The concealing works well for 2/3’s of the image. I was wonder if the back blacks were tan or gray or cream, if the body of the figure would more completely disappear (at least on the computer screen….) What would it be like if the figure was not looking at the camera lens?Overall nice job of camouflaging.

  2. This photo is very eye-catching. I like the way that the model look natural and has interaction while looking into the camera. The posing direction, the clothes’ folding and the water creates an effects of expansion and motion. However, the picture seems a little over exposed. And I would recommend taking down a little brightness and adjust the curve/level to still maintain contrast.

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