5 thoughts on “Matthew Poleo”

  1. Contrasts and connections. A natural form(leaf) that is transitory formed biologically and is unique, a natural process (water drops) that form physically and are recurrent, that are transitory and intransitory because they will form again and again requiring the only physics of water drops, and then pavement, natural materials transformed by humans, formless and shapeless and transitory.

  2. I feel like I can smell that fresh after-the-rain smell and wet leaves. The detail, especially in the water droplets would be effective large, I imagine. Additionally I agree that the juxtaposition of the nature with the man-made, tied together by the shared experience of rain creates a nice contrast.

  3. The simplicity of the leaves on pavement creates a visual impact regardless of image size. The differing sizes of the water droplets supports the idea of action.

  4. I can see your intent in realizing this picture is more impactful when large. My only concern is that your composition/cropping may be a little off on the bottom. My eye wants to know how long the stem is but can’t. You could possibly get away with more saturation but overall I love this picture!

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