7 thoughts on “Megan Bock”

  1. I can’t tell necessarily if this image is the final image or if the images photographed are the final image. Either option say two very different things. I like how you have it arranged here currently with all the background context (carpet etc) there’s something about prints laid out, and viewing their relationships to one another and the shadows they cast.. its very potent.

  2. Love the extension from just a collage of previous photos to a photo of a college of photos to create the final image. The process of the creation of the body using images that differ in production style seems amateur but the aesthetic and the idea of why this was created is very interesting to me. Who is the person? Why would someone want to recreate the form like frankenstein? Keep up the good work.

  3. This image really intrigues me because not only does it look somewhat morbid but it also has an empty quality to it which I enjoy.
    Although I believe this would be a stronger overall image if you placed it onto a neutral plain surface such as a clean white table and had no distractions in it, I do understand that this is still a work in progress.
    I’m not sure how much more you really do need to add, do we the viewer really need to know that each person has every body part? Some of the reason I like this so much is because it reminds me of random body parts and makes me relate this to something grotesque I would see on a detective show or a movie full of gore and dead people.
    Very nice work.

  4. This set of photos is really interesting. Will the set be in a gallery or something of that sort as a whole, or will it be the photograph of the set that is the final product? It is beautiful in the way that it shows the nuanced differences between people of the same gender, which often are lumped together as much in physical form as in emotional/societal views. I wonder how the female form will compare to the males when you have completed this. It’s also interesting that you didn’t photograph all the various models/parts under the same lighting. It gives it an eerie quality to the work that I’m not positive was intentional.

  5. Intriguing! I would like to see a more polished final image to see how you have progress with this idea! I think it could be very interesting without the distractions of seeing it in progress of being completed. It is interesting to think of the interchangeable body parts we associate with the human form.

  6. I like how you use different photos to make one single photo. The way you matched them together really gave a different feeling of human bodies. It took me to think the way that I view human bodeis and urges to explore more way to see them. Very interesting work.

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