3 thoughts on “Michaela Kronenberger”

  1. What I feel is most strong in your work is your emphasis on complementary colors – the orange of her hair is balanced very well with the blues in her coat and the background. If I had to give a suggestion, I think that the top photo is stronger and more natural, while the bottom photo appears a bit photoshopped. This could be due to the harsh black that surrounds the main figure, as if the subjects were pasted in.

  2. The background layer and the foreground are both obviously photo shopped but I think it is so obvious that it takes the subject out of the environment and places her in front of the backdrop. If you lowered the contrast and saturation a bit you might get a more realistic result.

  3. When I first looked at this I got the vibe of a mystery murder, because the man is laying in the leaves and her fists are clenched. Not to mention the colors in the photo like the leaves are darker blues and purples, leaving a sense of mystery to it.

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