5 thoughts on “Samantha Thompson”

  1. I like your interpretation of a beautiful death, because in a way you show restfulness through floating in water. The buoyancy part really adds to the picture, however, the framing counteracts the relaxation – it actually adds too much tension, in my opinion. I would have liked to see this same image, but not cropped so tightly around the ‘deceased’ person.

  2. I was drawn to this photo because the image was unexpected. Instead of a woman in a bathtub full of water & surrounded by flowers, there is a man surrounded by fallen leaves, a crabapple (I’m guessing?) twigs, and dirt. Even though I knew by the face that it was a man, I still felt surprised when I saw his bare chest barely covered by water.

  3. Make death look beautiful? That normally isn’t the first thing that comes to peoples’ minds. But I guess for this one it works, since his eyes are closed that doesn’t reflect the look of death when a person dies. This guy looked like he dies peacefully via drowning, which sounds weird but that’s the best way I could put it.

  4. This idea of beauty in death isn’t always easy to understand, but it comes from the peacefulness of the body and the face when someone has passed on. The use of water gives the body more animation and gracefulness by supporting it when it can not support itself. However, the facial expression of the man in the photo takes a bit away from this peaceful feeling that is trying to come across because he has tension in his face and thus isn’t showing that relaxed expression that one would see on a dead body.

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