5 thoughts on “Sara Goodnight”

  1. this photo works to intrigue the viewer by taking something we recognize and manipulating it to change the context. I like how the subject is isolated, and it would be interesting to see some variations in framing and lighting at this same distance. Perhaps squaring up the frame, using natural light, etc.

  2. I really like the concept of this photo. This is such a simple but interesting experiment with ordinary objects in our everyday life. The color composition was well designed for different pieces of candies.

  3. At first look the image seems delightful and innocent. However, with the association between drug and candy made clear, 5 out of 8 popped out skittle candies implies the possibility of overdosing. I pick this photograph for its playful narrative. Something I’d change is lowering the color temperature, so it doesn’t suggest anything sympathetic.

  4. I think that this photo says a TON with such a simple still life image. there is a real story being told here. That is impressive that you were able to capture this all with one image. If I could change one thing, it would be that the skittles are pushed further into the pill pack so they look like that haven’t yet been taken out.

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