4 thoughts on “Sarah Spohn”

  1. The photo quality and lighting are really nice but I think you missed an opportunity to make it more period appropriate since her outfit, accessories, and hair don’t really reflect the 19th century. The only thing that could represent that is the gas lamp which is debatable because it has a light bulb in it. Next time I would either be more period accurate or use post-production techniques to bridge the gap between modern technology and 19th century photography.

  2. Beautiful portrait! I do agree, however, that it feels more modern than a 19th century portrait. This is because of how clear and high-quality the photo is produced. Maybe something as simple as changing it to black and white or adding a bit of grain to the image could amplify your message. Because commercial color photography didn’t exist until the early 20th century, eliminating the color saturation would be the easiest fix.

  3. I think this is a beautiful portrait. The lighting is great and shows nice skin tone. I think the blue in her eyes really pop, it was almost the first thing I noticed. I do agree with the previous comments though, it does feel more modern than the 19th century.

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