Otterbein University, photography

Stacey Endicott



Stacey Endicott
ART 4500: Advanced Photography
Digital Prints; 11″ x 14″
12 Print in series

The statement I am trying to make with these photos is about body image. My original subject is a girl the is slim so my class suggested that I add something extra. So I took pictures of a girl that is larger as a “comparison”, but I don’t really know if that is what I am going for? Here are the unedited versions.

5 thoughts on “Stacey Endicott”

  1. There is a good idea set behind these images. It displays how media itself sets expectations when it comes to body image and her body language reflex this thought process because her poses appear as if she is insecure and uncomfortable.

  2. Oh yeah I see where you went with this. Basically girls shouldn’t worried about how they look or if they’re slim or chubby, which is the best way I can put it without being too offensive. A Facebook friend of mine posted a pic of her in a bikini and did not are what anyone thought. I say good for her, and all other women who feel the same way.

  3. Conceptually these photos are great! I like the message you’re working with as well as the poses you have the female in – she feels a bit guarded but must be comfortable enough. Compositionally, a quick fix would be to remove unnecessary background objects such as the doorknob and the wall trim. This would allow the photos to feel more like “model” shots which would be an interesting way to heighten your meaning.

  4. The second image showcases possible negative self-view and emotions regarding the subject’s body. Her stance with her arm around the top of her waist creates a sense of embarrassment and being closed off thematically. The subject seems more like she could be anyone and anonymous due to only her body being shown – perhaps she is a representation of a certain body type. The image has good levels of contrast and framing to highlight the subject’s body and self-perceived flaws.

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