photography, Western Michigan University

Victor Tran


Victor Tran
ART: 3470: Digital Photography I
Digital Print; 24″ x 36″

After a very large storm, the lighting and sunlight was impeccable and reflected from the large amount of water from the storm. The railroads were nearly glowing and I wanted to capture that while the lighting still had this glowing effect.

7 thoughts on “Victor Tran”

  1. The lines in this photo make it very strong. Everything runs parallel to each other and really brings the observers focus ti the center.

  2. I like these symmetrical railways which goes to one end. The geometry makes great composition and extends the whole image. Also the color tone works so well making the picture look harmonious.

  3. Four sets of man made lines rigidally superimposed on a natural setting, the woods. A human tech corridor through Nature. The light reflects off the steel and to some extent the ties, highlighting the precision of human order and contrasting with the natural order all about it.

  4. This photo does a really amazing job in leading the viewers eyes from the front ground of the picture to the background. The strong bold lines of the railroad really emphasize the distance throughout the picture and leads your eyes all the way to the center of the photograph where the brightest light seems to be from the sun. The lighting from the sun is also really beautiful, reflecting off of the railroad tracks giving it a sort of luminous glow.

  5. Absolutely beautiful use of the tracks to create a strong vanishing point. The glow on the tracks is also beautiful, but I feel as though it could have been accentuated a bit more.

  6. The lines from the train tracks in this photo make it seem as though the picture continues on forever. The only difference I would suggest is maybe having moved the camera a tiny bit to the right when the picture was taken so the tracks are even in the bottom two corners. Right now, on the bottom right corner, the track goes higher up the side of the picture than the track on the left bottom corner does.

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