Otterbein University, photography

Jennifer Davis



Jennifer Davis
ART 4500: Advanced Photography
Digital Prints; 11″ x 14″
Part of a series of 12, 9 displayed

I’m currently working on a series that has to do with the progression of time. By using old family photographs, I’m restricting the composition I set up for my new photos. I’m going back to these old places and retaking the image in the same “set up” as they were taken previously. I am editing the photos through the camera rather than on the computer. This photo is documentation of the final display for this project.

4 thoughts on “Jennifer Davis”

  1. At first glance, I thought the bottom photos were two pictures of the same doorway, intended to bring the viewer’s attention to first the girl looking at something and the second what she was looking at, showing how she was the subject and emphasizing her absence, but it’s a different doorway. The light and angles are similar and placing them next to each other invites a comparison. I’m interested in where these doorways are located and why they’re being compared.

  2. I like the artist’s idea to capture the progression of time. And I think the color scheme and of photographing the same spot as the old picture really reveals the artist’s concept. The first picture attracted me when it’s posted together with the second one. I think the way of collage these photos in a series could be an interest experiment, bringing more thoughts of the time progression concept.

  3. Conceptually strong, and the achievement in capturing this shift in time is fairly there. I admire the juxtaposition between different white balances, which also adds to the dualities of the subject matter in time. Time is always a great concept, and you definitely explore it finely here.

  4. The second image feels very nostalgic with the before and after parts, showing the door likely at two different stages in time. There are strong shadows and highlights that add to the melancholy mood of the image. There are likewise good levels of contrast and the fact that the subject’s face is not seen makes it feel somewhat more mysterious and a bit more impersonal as well. It is possible that the subject just went outside in the second half of the image, leaving the scene, but it is not clear which is interesting conceptually.

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