Cazenovia College, photography

Katlyn Kleist



Katlyn Kleist
Large Format Photography and Fine Printing
4×5 negative – digital print; 16″ x 20″
2 images of 4 in series

Winter is debatably the worst season; it’s cold, dull, and almost completely uninspiring. One loses the warmth and glow of sunlight and become confined inside; usually only venturing outside as far as your car is parked to travel to another inside place to hide from winter. As an artist finding inspiration in the winter months seems almost impossible some days. This sequence is a visual representation of my struggle in coping with my clinical depression and my feelings of being lost and uninspired during the long winter months in Central New York.

7 thoughts on “Katlyn Kleist”

  1. Wow, I absolutely love this series. The images are simply beautiful – especially the second one with you/your model’s expression. I think the topic is conveyed very well through these images as well. Your composition is great too. The second image really evokes almost a feeling of when I look at images of someone in an area that they are not supposed to be photographed. It’s like the figure is drawing you in to somewhere you might not be allowed to see. Beautiful!

  2. While your inspiration was conveying the feeling of loss during winter, I almost get a completely different vibe from these photos. While the fact that they are black and white communicates this loss, I do feel a sense of beauty in each image. The subject remains content in her surroundings and very still as if taking in the moment. The flowers on her dress also come across as quite ironic while the branches are extremely dark throughout the background. Love the photos!

  3. Depending on the individual, this image can be read differently. If you want to portray the cold and bitterness of winter, maybe have your model look miserable

  4. I really like the sense of mystery and emotion in these photographs. Overall, the variation in framing (one image centered and one not, one captured further away and one closer up) was also a smart decision on your part. As far as concept goes, I have difficultly seeing the expression come through – the emotion/depression of winter – because I feel as though these images need a little more tension/ thought provoking emotion to get there! beautiful work 🙂

  5. I love the idea of these series; it is something I completely understand. I do think that this series conveys something very different for me. The black and white does communicate alongside your artist statement, but the expression on your face is much more mysterious and inviting that makes me feel like this could be more editorial or a storyline series.

  6. The second image has good contrast levels and uses the rule of thirds well in regards to the placement of the subject. The subject’s stance is also interesting with her somewhat plain gaze over her shoulder. The slight blur of the background is a nice way to highlight the subject.

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