20 thoughts on “Missy Lim”

  1. There was indeed an elaborate production on these photographs, and the models definitely captured their characters and portrayed them perfectly. Lighting is outstanding, great deal of details. I love how the second one actually begins to resemble computer generated image. Excellent job!

  2. Wow. These are great images. You really used the wardrobe and setting to create a mood for each image. I feel as though I’m actually looking at the characters themselves. The lighting in the second image is perfect, the only suggestion I have is to get some better lighting in the woman in the first image. The harsh shadows decrease the effectiveness.

  3. These pictures are so whimsical and contrast each other very well. The way these were captured really emphasized the cartoonness of the cosplay characters and made these pictures look surreal and nearly like a cartoon. Very interesting effect.

  4. I really enjoy the coloring and saturation in your photographs. You did a great job at capturing the emotions in both photographs which work very well with your series of work. I think you did a good job with lighting for both images except for a little bit of shadow on the womans face. Also, good use of rule of thirds in the top image. That really strengthens the photograph.

  5. I really love these pictures. The colors and lighting in both of them are really great. There’s so much storytelling that could be told as well in these photos. I hope to see more of them posted on here.

  6. This is a unique concept and I find it interesting. I feel you captured well not only the characters, but their emotions. Both images have nice composition and color.

  7. I like that the colors are very vibrant and have a dream-like quality. I also think the content is very interesting. I would be interested to see the rest of these.

  8. I admire the ability to cosplay, when it is done well of course. What I like is how the top image has a sort of 50’s family film/ musical style and the fantasy esc image at the bottom contrasts with the top piece to show your range in this line of work. as I said, if a cosplayer can pull off a convincing costume, then I would have to give them props, and these images show me that you have talent for this. well done.

  9. I absolutely love your work! As a video game enthusiast myself, I can truly appreciate how your photos carry fantasy into the realm of reality. The character expressions and their costumes are very crisp and well lit. p.s.= The first picture reminds me of the charismatic couple from Bioshock: Infinite. And I like that.

  10. I really love these photos, especially the light on them. The light not only made the pics gorgeous but also expressed characters’ mood in an impressive way.

  11. The out of focused background is less of a backdrop and more of a place setting in these two photographs. The blurred background allows for the details of the characters to come into strong visual focus, yet grounds the characters in a definite specialized place. I recognize the Mary Poppins movie reference. Is the character with white hair from anime? A witch perhaps? The precision in your photos make them very lovely and focuses the viewer to ask who is the real character? The person in the photo or the person they are trying to embody?

  12. I like the first photo so much that I took a long time staring at it. Great light, composition, depth of field and color! Everything works so well together. I can easily feel the happiness from this image.

  13. I will comment on the cosplayer portraying Jack Frost from Dreamworks Rise of the Guardians. I like how the cosplayer is clear and the background is blurred since the person is the focus. I also like how the blurred dots of light could look like snow or have a winter theme to it. The one nitpick I have is the lighting because the clothes kind of darken away to the background on the right side of the photo.

  14. The amount of character embedded in the people of these photographs astounds me. I wonder how you got these people to stage this. But I love your choice of color, contrast, framing, and temperature. I hope to take pictures like this!

  15. The top photo is absolutely awesome! I love the color contrast and the whimsical feel it brings to the scene. Along with the playful colors, the expressive characters and the out of focus background tie the composition together with childhood nostalgia. Love this.

  16. Overall, both pictures stand out with bright colors and sharp focus. The lighting and depth of field were well designed and approached to make the main figures pop out. In addition, details were well captured in the figures’ facial expressions and connections. I like the way in which both pictures look dramatic.

  17. This photos are so intriguing because of the fact that they perfectly resemble fill stills. It’s as if the characters are caught in motion and full of purpose and thought. Focus is used very well also as the characters are all that is clear in the image, and the blurred background adds emphasis to them. Nice work!

  18. I really love these images. The color contrast, the depth of images, and the pose of these models really do good to illustrate fantastic images. Very nice.

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