Mississippi State University, photography

Carrie Shannon



Carrie Shannon
Art 3873: Digital Photography
Digital Prints; 8″ x 10″
Series of 15

These are two images from a series titled Having Been Forgotten. For this series, I have taken myself out of pictures from my childhood and placed myself into new photographs that I recently took. The idea revolves around how I do not remember my parents’ house being the way that it was when I was young, I think of it as always being how it is now. I am creating a new childhood for myself in a place that I remember.

4 thoughts on “Carrie Shannon”

  1. What a thought provoking concept. It is true that we can’t hold onto a memory with any accuracy and that places or people that have been consistent in our lives are often remembered as they currently are. I especially like the second photo’s use of space. The face does seem lighter than it would have been if the figure was in the space originally. You did a great job of integrating the person and the shadow on the car in the first image.

  2. I like the composition and contrast in both pictures. The black-and-white approach made the pictures more timeless, and conveyed the artist’s concept about the changes. The over-exposed parts also made the pictures look vintage and nostalgic.

  3. Your concept does a good job of bringing into focus the fine line between recreational and art photography. All those pictures from 20th century cameras we have stored away in boxes and photo albums in the attic taken with minimal aesthetic consideration, yet taken to generate some emotional response in the future. The camera as it became more affordable afforded the masses the opportunity to be artists with the push of a button. The camera was the automatic portrait painter, for those who could not afford to hire a painter. Looking at your pictures makes me think of this. And also the interesting conceptual time machine you created, that allows for all kinds of variations.

  4. The range of greys, contrast, and, composition are very nice and execution is subtle. Although these appear like an old family photo with no intent you managed to create it with the insertion of the subjects. I don’t have any criticisms because you were able to realize your idea successfully, good work.

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