photography, St. Norbert College

Danielle DeJardin



Danielle DeJardin
ART 380: Contemporary Photographic Strategies
Digital Prints;
8.48″ x 5.653″ for cult picture
5.387″ x 8.26″ for seance picture

Statement: I wanted to represent and recreate those old photos of seances and cults, but add my own touch to it while still keeping it looking as if it could really be an old photo you found in your grandparents’ attic.

13 thoughts on “Danielle DeJardin”

  1. These photographs defiantly match the description. The use of black and white photography as well as the placement of the people and dress most defiantly feel like a cult. These images could have been taken now, or 100 years ago. I find the top image most interesting because I keep wondering how the smoke or white substance is coming out of the mans mouth.

  2. I have trouble appreciating the first picture as a part of your series because it is too inspired by the promotional poster for A Haunting In Connecticut. The guy’s eyes also give away that he is just acting; both take away from the mysticism of the moment. With that being said, the distorted candle and white matter are elements that create the feeling of a seance and peak my interest. So I feel as though the subtleties of the subject matter such as emotion/body language, not the event or your photography technique, are what could be tweaked to create a completely immersive old photograph.
    The second photo is immediately eye catching because you’re peering through the photograph into a secret forest ritual, yet you’re caught by the foremost figure who stares at you through a mask; this creates anxiety and fear which add layers to your occult idea beyond just the photograph, and this is what brings power to photos.
    The black and white of both photos also adds to this idea within the photographs, though I can’t decide which use of b&w operates better, between the first photos’ stark contrast or the second photo’s overall haze between whites and blacks.

  3. I like the photo quality and the distortion of the subject matter really connects the viewer to your idea. Instead of digitally creating the distortion I would try and process your images in a way that would create the same effect, such as using low quality or scanning the final image a couple times. When I can physically tell the difference between post-editing and process, it distracts me from your content. Keep up the good work.

  4. The lightened edges and lined effect on these photos remind me of a still frame from a security tape or a home video. The kinds you would see in a horror movie. It gives the feeling that you are looking in on something you aren’t supposed to. You just walked into something and wish you could turn the other way and run back but it’s too late.

  5. I am very drawn to these photos as I keep coming back to look at them. I very much enjoy and appreciate that you wanted to make it seem as though they came from your parents attic but at the same time were exceptionally creepy. I know I would be freaked out if I was ransacking some old trunks and found these!
    Technically each photo has completely different styles and set ups even though both give off the same feelings. In the first photo I love how the distorted camera angle plays into the bended candle as well as the foam from the mouth, and the off balance angle of the model. In the second one I like that it is very centered but still distorted as it seems the trees are bending inward, which also plays into the light vignette around the entire image. Those effects definitely helped draw my eye right into the center of the image and made me very uncomfortable while looking at the guy in the mask. Well done!
    While each of these photos are transcending (in my opinion) I still feel as though the lines across each one is somewhat distracting because it looks like a filter you just threw on both photographs. Nevertheless you did a wonderful job and have definitely gave me some inspiration towards my own work.

  6. I think the horizontal lines and the use of black and white contribute to the aged look you’re going for. Both photos are unsettling and have a candid feel to them. It makes me want to know more about the situations we’re witnessing in both photos. The way the candle in the top photo appears to bend and how the middle figure in the second is looking at the camera add to the mystery of the scenes.

  7. These photos are a bit disconcerting… I think you definitely achieved what you wanted to in your statement. These photos are something that I would have a love/hate relationship with if I had found them in a grandparent’s attic. I would love to find them because they are so unique, but I would hate it because they are a bit creepy because of the cult aspect. Very successful overall in my opinion!

  8. I like the vintage effects you intended to bring to the pictures. At first sight, I enjoy the the similar sort of distortion in both pictures, which bring a mysterious and really interesting effect. While your elements added to the old-looking pictures brought more thoughts and fun, I wish you could make the scenes look more united and clear with further contrast adjustments.

  9. Whoa I wonder how that guy in the upper photo got that ectoplasmic look as if he were in a haunted house film. As for the bottom one, I find it interesting that the vertical lines make it feel like the person got this with a video camera, and then about ready to run for her life. Also, the figures have a dark shadow behind them to show the creepy atmosphere of the photos. To me this feels strong.

  10. You definitely nailed the whole antique-looking/ creepy vibe theme that you wanted. Both of the pictures are really well done, especially the top one where you captured the smoke in a still frame along with the candlelight. The bottom picture looks kind of curved at the edges (you can see it in the trees) which kind of makes it look like it was taken with a fish-eye lens which looks really cool like it should be a still frame in a scary movie where the character is walking through the forest with his camera and happens to accidentally video tape these people who see him. The black and white was also a really good color scheme to achieve that antique feel.

  11. Great idea, love how you captured the strangeness of cults and seances. The bottom picture I feel is the most successful because the individuals seem to really bring the piece together. The top image is not as successful because of the way the person is situated as well as their mannerism. I think that you can expand on this idea even more and work with film which can give you the same effect inside the camera. A great idea is using working with the photography process called wet plates. This process will really bring out your idea and make your images seem as though they were taken before the modern era.

  12. You have excellently executed this concept. Through the use of subject matter choices, such as the people with the masks and bent candle, you have created the feeling of an antique cult/seance image. The choice to use black and white for these is also strong as it forces the viewer to look at the images through a more vintage/historic perspective.

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