Cazenovia College, photography

Todd Milliman



Todd Milliman
FA 371/471 – Large Format Photography and Fine Printing
16″ x 20″ digital inkjet print from scanned 4×5 negative
Series: Some of the art community at Cazenovia College
Contains seven prints and is an ongoing series

I came to Cazenovia College as an older transfer student from a two year school, in 2012. I was 28 at the time and required to live on campus which was strange at first. I was quickly accepted by my peers in the art community, being a close knit group at this small college, and I wanted to photograph them in their environment as artists. This was important to me because the time as a transfer student was starting to pass quickly and I wanted something to remember this experience by.

10 thoughts on “Todd Milliman”

  1. Really lovely images, Todd. You’ve managed to take portraits of people in their spaces that don’t read like something forced. They characters seem posed but somehow in a very fluid and real way. It’s an acknowledgement of the media it was made in — I would say.

  2. these images are great examples showing how we influence the spaces we choose to be in and how we, in turn, are equally influenced by these places. they also demonstrate the breadth of art, the variety of mediums and focuses within this field. the lighting and framing of the second image work really well, and might inform the composition of the first image. that is, perhaps the subject would stand out more in the first image if the photo was taken straight on, as in the second

  3. I like the second one. First, because of its frame. It’s in quite good balance, Next, the character in the picture is really fit for the scene. It seems that he just stand at where he belongs to.

  4. I agree that the subjects seem very comfortable in their spaces. I like the two photos together because they’re both artistic venues with unique characters and the people further personify that contrast. This would be an interesting project to open up to other environments where individuals might feel at home.

  5. I like the connection between the artists and their work environments. The contrasts in both pictures were well designed and captured. However, I wish to see more details in the figures’ expressions and attitudes.

  6. I really enjoyed your choice to convey the subject in an environment that provides a context to their personality. Both pictures are very balanced in both gradient and composition. Great work!

  7. I really enjoy the idea and your sentiment behind it. It is a way of showing us who these people are without telling us. I like how natural the photos seem but I do think they could be tightened up compositionally. The top photo seems unbalanced–unevenly distributed, and the bottom photo could use cropping to tighten everything up and get rid of some of that excess dead space along the bottom edge. Nice work!

  8. These portraits are really well done in the way that I feel like I understand the person as an individual and their attitude. The background is just as interesting as the person only I think I may want to see more interaction with them and the surroundings

  9. I don’t know how to exactly describe the feeling that I got from your photos. The first really makes me feel like a screenshot from a TV show from the 70s (in a good way). But the starring of the model and her straight up posing makes me aware that this is not a screenshot from a TV show and I am fully aware that she is looking at me straightly. This whole feeling makes the picture very interesting to me.

  10. The first image is interesting due largely to the pattern of the subject’s dress and her position off-center, as well as her expression and body language. There are also many lines that draw the eye around the images such as the floor tiles and the wall’s striped pattern.

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