photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Christian Fabian



Christian Fabian
ART 376: Black and White Photography
Silver Prints; 8″ x 10″
Photos in series: 6

These two photographs are from an assignment that required special attention to space and framing – these two are the pictures with the white wall background, and contain sculptures from classmates. This is a mini series that contains only 6 images. Here is additional information:

8 thoughts on “Christian Fabian”

  1. these are both great examples of effective framing, and also use of light. The lines of the sculpture are mimicked by the conjuncture of the wall and floor and brings attention to the object’s sharp angles. Light is used in this regard as well, close enough so the shadow remains a strong outline. The second image also plays to the object photographed, as the shadow and light are looser, more organic and rounded. The slight tilt of the ground throws off the image a bit for me, but it is, again, effectively framed.

  2. When a picture is without color, the frame becomes much more important. Excellent use of light and shadow to reach a wonderful balance makes the picture looks great.

  3. The first photo looks very abstract compared to the second one. But they are both well printed and both make good use of light and shadow.

  4. There’s something about the shadow in the second photo that personifies the sculpture. I like the way that both images use already abstracted subjects and take that further. I agree that it is especially effective in black and white.

  5. I can really appreciate the creation of volume by the shadows cast on the wall. They give the photo a lot of added depth. The top photo really creates a 3 dimensional space between the wall and the sculpture. The bottom photo has a lot of movement because I cannot decide which image is more striking, the beautiful sculpture in the foreground or the larger ornate shadow on the wall. They really work well together! I think they would be a great companion to the physical pieces of art you are photographing in a gallery setting.

  6. I really like the idea of playing with the shadow of the objects and making it a part of the main subjects of the pictures. I like the composition in both pictures. In addition, I think you did a great job dealing with the lighting to make the shadow shapes interesting and make the whole pictures have fair contrast.

  7. I love how the shadows are casted, especially for the bottom photo. Also good use on space since the subjects in each photo are only there.

  8. The shadows caste in these photos almost become a part of the objects and the objects themselves are very interesting on their own, very cool. I also enjoy the lighting and composition. Good job

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