photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Adrienne Wells



Adrienne Wells
ART 376: Black and White Photography
Silver Prints; 6″ x 9″

These two images are two more in a series translating an idiom or phrase, interpreting and bringing it to life. Again, the allusion in each image is not meant to be strikingly obvious, but hopefully cause the viewer to linger a little longer and think about each photo.

7 thoughts on “Adrienne Wells”

  1. These pictures really portray an interesting vibe to the viewer, making them look and think about each photo for longer than they thought they would. First of all the framing in each photo is really great. In the top one the hula hoop does a really good job of circling and framing the object the photographer wanted to be the focus of the picture, that object being the suspended hat in the middle of it. Also, the cropping in the bottom picture where it cuts off the woman’s feet, right arm, and head gives off a very mysterious vibe which makes you wonder what the story is behind the picture and where she’s walking to.

    Secondly, the black and white filter makes both of the photos seem more antique as well adding more mystery to both of the pictures- especially in the top photo with the suspended hat, because the viewer questions how the hat even got there, or why the photographer chose to put the hat in the middle of the hula hoop, and how is stayed suspended in the air for so long for the photograph.

  2. I can’t help but wonder if there’s a reason neither image includes a head/face. It feels as though something is missing but is done so successfully. In the first photo it almost feels like something was there but just quickly vanished and the hat hasn’t fallen yet, which gives off a feeling of motion. In the second photo, I’m quickly drawn into her hand and what is wrapped around it. The woman’s leaning body creates a strong sense of motion as well and I can’t help but wonder what she is looking at and what her next action will be.

  3. I love that these photos are in black and white because I don’t think they would have been nearly as successful in color. The first image gives you a feeling like you can’t look away, but maybe you should. It’s beautiful and slightly disturbing at the same time. After reading your statement about them, I’m still not sure exactly what the idiom/phrase was that you were inspired by, but they definitely kept me looking for more than a second!

  4. “Again, the allusion in each image is not meant to be strikingly obvious, but hopefully cause the viewer to linger a little longer and think about each photo.”

    Your photos did cause me to linger on them. Scrolling slowly through the photos on this site yours DID catch my eye which made me stop scrolling. Im interested in what is going on in both of these photos—my eyes want to spend time looking for every subtle detail, more so in the second photo than the first, mostly because there is more detail there: the rosary wrapped around the girl’s hand, her choice of clothing, her surroundings, her posture/body language. The choice to shoot her from behind and cropped above the shoulders really makes me feel like I am actually in the space with her. I feel like I am right there with her, standing behind her and peering around her trying to get a better look at whatever she is.

    The top photo was originally what caught my eye because of the illusion created with the hat to make it look like it is merely floating mid-air. Its as if someone is wearing it, but you cannot see the person, only the hat.

    In both photos, you’ve captured an impressive value range in between your lightest whites and darkest blacks.

  5. I cannot stop looking at these photographs. After reading your statement, I realize that was your exact intention with these photographs. The top image is compositionally satisfying and your choice of curves and contrast is perfect. I am left wondering how the hat is suspended and I love that. The bottom image of the person is intriguing because we know neither the face nor the intent but yet the image is so charged. Great work.

  6. The one with hula hoop and hat is simple, playful, and effective, even though I don’t have a clue about the idiom that was translated and brought to life in it. The other one seems to be a candid snapshot, without further clue it’s difficult, for me, to read into it.

  7. Such a smart series! I quite appreciate your creative nods to the idioms – very tastefully done. Not only are these interesting because of their meaning, but are also quite strong compositionally. I think your biggest success was taking such a challenging series (could easily start feeling amateur) and creating images that are both visually appealing individually, as well as cohesive together. Great work

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