photography, St. Norbert College

C.J. Guzan


C.J. Guzan
ART 380A: Contemporary Photographic Strategies.
Photograph; 16″ x 24″

Description: Johnson and Jeffries. The two men hated each other… They hated each other so fiercely that they vowed to kill each other the next time they crossed paths… When the time came, it was Johnson that drew his banana first…

2 thoughts on “C.J. Guzan”

  1. This picture conveys comedy and gore so well. The off-camera flash (I assume) give this photo very dramatic lighting, which adds to the effect of having killed someone. The humor is in the smoking banana, which clearly adds timeframe to the photo – as in the person bleeding got shot just a couple seconds before the picture was taken. The fact you didn’t include the shooter adds mystery to the photo, which makes this exposure even more interesting.

  2. Strong lighting, constructed scene, this photograph provides me with a cinematic experience. I’m not sure if the photographer is going for a first person perspective, if it is, then the perspective is a bit off. It looks like killer’s chest just took a snapshot of the victim. Tarantino/Banksy reference is always a plus for me.

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