photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Christian Fabian



Christian Fabian
Art 376: Black and White Photography
Silver Print; 8″ x 10″
Photos in series: 20

Context: This series investigated the space, environment, and tools that artists and engineers use for their work. My research tried to see whether these three factors differed greatly between the two.

2 thoughts on “Christian Fabian”

  1. This is such a great concept! I love the comparison you’ve made between artists and engineers, and I love the portrayal of artists’ tools. Sometimes people forget that our work as artists can be just as physical, challenging and technical as any other kind of labor. My criticism would have been the fact that you can’t tell which image portrays an artist’s studio and which portrays an engineer’s, but then I realized that this is the point of the project: showing that there isn’t a significant difference between an engineer’s work and an artist’s.

  2. Dear Christian,
    Interesting concept for the project. In fact art can be engineered and engineering art… Since both of these photographs have a staged quality to them, and are without moving human subjects, I am wondering if a deeper tonal range could be developed by more specific or planned lighting sources. This could create more of a mood. Right now the depth of field in the bottom photograph rather flat. Equipment and metal offers so many possiblities with reflected surfaces and also highlights which more directed lighting might give you–and still allow for a portrait like feel to the tools and equipment. Plus a sharper focus will also bring out these qualities in the work. Keep up the great ideas.

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