5 thoughts on “Fan Fei”

  1. I really like how the shapes in each photo kind of mimic each other in way. The plates and napkin are stacked in the perfect order and positions to almost look like the outline and structure of the capital. Even though the subject is in the center for each picture making it kind of plain and not as interesting of a composition, it still works considering I believe that the main idea here was to mimic the shapes and match them. I would suggest adding more contrast to each picture to really make the highlights and the shadows pop out to create a more pleasing effect to the eye of the viewers. But on the other hand, the pictures give off an antique look to them making them look older and more vintage which is also interesting to look at as well. Overall, I really like the concept of the pictures having almost the same outline and being two completely opposite pictures about two completely opposite objects.

  2. The lack of contrast and the prominence of grey gives these photos a very vintage expression which is mimicked by the subject matter (both timeless). Although this may not be your intention, the softness overall gives me a very calm feeling… like they have been hung-up in my grandma’s house for dozens of years and I see them each year when I visit.

  3. I really like those two photos with light contrast because it gives me a feel of quiet and nostalgic. And from the first photo, I can the the reflection of sunshine on those plates which very beautiful!

  4. I like how the subject of the first photo extends of the page. It lends to a feeling that there are more tableware beyond the frame of the photo. The diagonal napkin also makes the photo more dynamic in composition. I’m not sure that the second photos is as strong. The diagonal nature of this photo seems more unintentional.

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