5 thoughts on “Fan Fei”

  1. Fan, this is such an improvement from your previous pictures! I just had to come here and comment on it. Wow. If I wasn’t in your class, I would have never know these were taken at a store display. In these images, you really focused on what caught you attention, then you brought it in further to give us a sense of interest and awe. Great work Fan!

  2. There is such a feeling of nostalgia in these photos as if they are completely timeless. The black and white nature makes them feel vintage as well, almost as if looking back on family heirlooms and distant memories. I am also intrigued by your use of focus in the bottom image and am curious as to if the complete blur along the bottom was intentional. I agree that it was not at all obvious that these images were taken of a window display but seem to contain a deeper message than that.

  3. I really enjoy these pictures, especially the second. There’s something about your focus that makes it very interesting & draws you in. It appears the second one says “Table Art” in the background which is an interesting choice. I wonder what the reasoning is for that? I expected it to be an old letter or something like that. I’m not entirely sure why, but the first photo reminds me of the book, “A Wrinkle in Time.” I think it’s because the photo looks like it could be from any time period & there’s something mystical about it like it doesn’t really belong quite in the space that it exists.

  4. These are really nice; poetic and simple. The black and white/timeless feel really lends itself to the photographs. It makes the objects seem important, historic and meaningful. I just wish the second one was composed a little differently, with the right side petals not being cut off.

  5. I really like the sense of nostalgia in your photos. Compositions and objects are very simple but feel like they own a lot of stories inside. In the second photo, I like how you blurred the front and back which makes it more vintage and mysterious.

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