5 thoughts on “John Yerger”

  1. The harsh lighting, and thus the harsh shadows, really add character to each of these photos. Your models also show connection to the gun they are holding, which really adds ‘culture’ to your subject. In short, these photos accurately document Mississippi gun culture. Great work!

  2. It is interesting to look at this images compared to each other. For instance, in the top image the man seems to have a more relaxed expression and stance as if he uses the gun for a hobby. The older man in the bottom image contrasts this as his stern face and pose portray a sense of protection and defense. I agree that I like your high contrast and shadows that add to the intensity throughout.

  3. Dear John,

    The colors you have selected for these two images (and maybe the series?) evoke a type of stoic nature in the subjects, in addition to their facial expressions and body posture. Did you pose them? Or are these the stances your subjects chose?

    As a pairing these two photos are like a call and response. They force the viewer to make comparisons between the subjects. I am glad they are both situated in neutral environments. I am wondering if the two background colors could be made to be identical. The bottom image has a more gray background. If the subjects both emerged from a white background, I think a sensation of floating and ethereal nature could be created, which dramatized the guns. (The top image does this very well.) Congrats!

  4. These images made me chuckle because I feel like these are the Mississippi stereotypical gun shots of men but perhaps to you, the photographer these are actually how these men are! Your choice of contrast and detail works really well with the white background. The detail also helps me to really feel like I know these men. The staging and posing is perfect and the cropping choice is fine.

  5. Love the lighting and everything about these photos. They remind me of Richard Avedon’s work: In the American West.

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