Kellogg Community College, photography

Tanya Hilliker



Tanya Hilliker
ART-230 Digital Photography 2
Digital Mixed Media (photography / graphic design),; 30″X 20″

Both images are part of a series of eight, that depict perceptions by myself, and others, connected to certain aspects of my life. “Pencil” is about my boyfriend Rob, who I have re-imaged in words, and state the many things, good and bad, that make up this man I have fallen in love with. “Easel” is about my passion for art. My drives, desires, and obstacles are engraved in the face of the image on the canvas. The small size doesn’t do them justice, so if you could add my facebook art page, they can be seen in some greater detail along with the rest of the series.

4 thoughts on “Tanya Hilliker”

  1. Your implementation of certain elements of graphic design, like typography, really appeals to me. I visited your Facebook page and saw the second image before you had added the black background/simplified it; I think your choice to do so was the right one. Without the original background, which I thought was distracting and made it busy, the viewer is really able to focus on the beauty of what you are doing here with type and image.

    Doing type overlay on your face in the first image rather than completely removing your face and reconstructing it with type, works to the advantage of your concept. The type overlay gives the appearance of scarring—like every obstacles you have faced has left some sort of mark, be it emotional, mental, physical, on you.

    One last thing: I think you should keep to the simplicity of background that you have kept in these photos if you continue to work with type, because such large amounts of type can get so busy and complex. You’ve successfully balanced the complexity of all the type treatments by rendering a simple background.

  2. Dear Tanya,
    I think this work is about revealing and concealing, a very deep topics. Your use of black and negative space makes these very strong images. I am very intrigued by the image of the man (your boyfriend), writing, and how his face and hand are deconstructed into words.

    I looked at your facebook page too, and see how you’ve made several other images with text. The one with the woman seated on the floor partially surrounded by text is evocative. The most striking to me is the one of the woman reaching forward and a reflected of her and other woman are seen. I think of the painter Edward Burne-Jones. The black and white images at the top of your page made me think of the Canadian filmmaker, Guy Maddin. He makes work that looks like silent films (and are often silent, but with very modern themes.) Congrats on your explorations.

  3. Tonya Hello,
    I love these images they have a lot of character and show a lot of imagination. There is a is patience and love put into these two images.
    Keep pushing your talent to its limits.

  4. These are such unique images that really captures the viewers eye and makes them look that much longer at each photograph to see what’s going on. I really like how words are incorporated into the guys face, and on the face on the canvas, it’s a really cool and unique idea, and gives off a very visually appealing look overall. The way that you made each picture personal to yourself by combining words that show off your passion for art for the top one, and the words in the bottom one describing your boyfriend, adds the perfect touches to each picture. The darkness of colors of each photograph give off a really mysterious and cool feel to each piece as well.

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