photography, U of Wisconsin, Madison

Tian Zhou



Tian Zhou
ART 376: Black and White Photography
Silver print; 8″ x 10″
photos in this series:20

Statement: These two photographs are from an assignment that required special attention to time and motion.I use extremely fast shutter speeds to freeze the movement and use the light and shadow to make it more impressive.

4 thoughts on “Tian Zhou”

  1. I like the moment you captured in the first photo. Well printed and the image looks so elegant. It’s also great to look the second picture, the frisbees feel like almost fixed to be some special sculpture.

  2. I love the shadows created in both photos. The shadow in the first photo is intriguing, but the image as a whole would be more successful if there was more contrast. It is hard to tell what is being thrown because they blend into the background as well as the hands. The second image has a very high contrast, which really makes the shadows apparent. Interesting forms are made from the shadows in both images.

  3. I like how the first photo brings the viewer in. I don’t feel it needs more contrast, thats part of what I like about it. Both photos have good shadows that make me want to keep looking.

  4. I really like the first one. I think the way the focused flower petals in the foreground mimic the blurred light reflections in the background is effective. It certainly communicates the idea of movement in a frozen moment in time. My eye goes to the shadow of the hands on the ground and find it a bit distracting from the main subject, probably because the rest is so low contrast, which I like. I think the brightness of the picture generally creates a bright, joyful mood that is in keeping with the subject matter of the piece.

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