17 thoughts on “Brandon Deaguero”

  1. Both of these images have a unique quality to them in that I’m sitting wondering how you took them. They have a molecular quality to them, as if we’re looking at some sort of hidden world beneath a microscope. I think my only critique is that we don’t have more to look at or that we’re not sure how the experimental camera was used. Otherwise, great photos.

  2. I’m especially intrigued by the bottom photo because I can’t tell where it was taken or what the subject is, which makes it uniquely interesting. It makes me think of an underwater cave or some otherworldly place. It looks like it could be turned upside down and still have a similar effect. The way you captured light is especially effective because the top and bottom of the photo are so dark. It looks like the light is coming from a flashlight or a spotlight.

  3. I’m commenting on the bottom photo because it leaves me more to guess. I can tell it was taken underwater, but I can’t tell if it’s upside-down or right-side up. Also, the touch of light on the right gives the photo character as it shows some of the aquatic plants.

  4. Both images have a cerebral quality to them. The subject matter is less about the objects in the photos and more about how the light, or lack of light is playing across the surfaces.

    The top image feels like I’ve stumbled into the depths of a cave lost in some old video game. I feel like I entered a glitch in the game and now get to explore this half built half rendered world.

    The bottom image is filled with a murky sense of dread. I’m not sure if I’m underwater, or maybe inside of the belly of some dark terrifying creature. The creepy vibe of this image makes me want to see more in this vein.

  5. What I like about these pictures is that although they are rife with details that tie them to a natural environment. What where this environment could be or how you managed to take the pictures is mysterious. As stated above this gives them the quality of being otherworldly, either in the mind or some other unknown environment like outer-space or some unexplored nook on our planet. But again what is awesome is the detail that ties them to the natural world.

  6. I really like how these photographs are less focused on the landscape and/or objects in the frame, and more focused on how the light interacts and plays around with the space. Both pictures really have me second guessing what I’m actually seeing and have me questioning where these were taken.

    The contrast between the pictures is also really alluring because in the top photograph you see all of these bright variety of colors against a black background which has them really pop out and grab your attention. Whereas in the bottom one theres more of a gloomy and mysterious vibe to it, with almost little to no colors throughout it other than the grays, blacks, and whites.

  7. These are great because they are both the sort of photo that make you stop to really look at them. They have a literal and implicit meaning, it seems. At first glance, the top photo could be a view of a city at night taken from a plane. The bottom photo looks like it was taken underwater! Both are mysterious and beautiful.They successfully draw in the viewer.

  8. I wish I knew what the images were! But I think that half the pleasure of these photographs is the mystery of the subject. I want to guess that the top one is a shot from a plane at night that is extremely discolored. The bottom photograph is my favorite of the two. It seems to be an underwater winter shot but that is just a guess. The bottom photo’s contrast and lighting choices are great and eerie.

  9. These images are so visually appealing, I don’t even want to know what they are of. I love the mystery and almost foggy quality of the bottom photo and I think it contrasts really nicely with the electric, starry night sky feel of the first photograph. Really nicely done.

  10. The first photo’s color is really interesting. I am enjoyed both photos. It reminds me Jackson pollock’s drip painting.

  11. Both of these images are very dynamic. I like that it is unclear what the subject is. The top photo is very contrasty, almost mechanical. It reminds me of a photo of map from space at night. The bottom is very organic and hazy. As a pair they work well against each other.

  12. The first image reminds me of a city at night, where all the lights are glowing, except in bight color.
    The second image reminds me of and underwater world. I love the dramatic lighting in it.
    Both images are very interesting to look at.

  13. These images intrigue me because of the ambiguity. You can’t actually tell where they were taken, and it adds a level of mystery to them. The colors in both of them add to the mysterious effect, and make for overall intriguing and successful images.

  14. I love your pictures! both of them even tho they give me really different feelings! The first one really gives a sense of future and chemical things. The second one reminds me The Stranger Things, the upside down world.

  15. I really enjoy these! They both give me different vibes but they still feel part of the same universe. I especially love the bottom one, and how dark and eerie it is.

  16. Really amazing work! Though I do not figured out what object you chosen to shot, it’s really impressive for the great color contrast and detail portray.

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