12 thoughts on “Kennedy Bryan”

  1. haha the octopus one reminds me of Rembrandt paintings! The textures in your photos are amazing, especially the meat one. You really captured a kind of aesthetic of the patterns there. Interesting works!

  2. I really enjoy the contrast displayed in the picture with the squid, quite a range of depth. That in combination with the reflective nature of the sea creature’s surface five it an intensely slimy feel and create a rather unsettling composition (especially for me as squid freak me out). Great picture.

  3. The octopus still looks graceful and delicate, even though it is dead. The light source gliscening off it’s skin creates a slimy looking affect. I wonder why the background needs to be so dark though and also why the hooks in the octopus are so hard to actually see and if that was intention.

  4. I’m a little intrigued by the octopus one, since it does stand out from the background yet parts of it fade away. Also points on the lighting on the suction cups, they really stand out.

  5. I really enjoyed the lighting on the octopus. It really accentuates the texture and different parts of the animal. I would love to see a close up of the skin as well. The meat picture seems as if it is a picture of a picture, I do not feel the same texture that I did as the octopus photo.

  6. I’m not quite sure what kind of angle you’re going for with the animal bodies, but these pieces have a dark feel to them for me. The concept of a lifeless body being hung up and put on display for our own enjoyment or use is a dark dark thing. It is also a concept that not many consider when seeing things like this simply because they are not humans (and therefore they have less worth to most people). It certainly brings up the question of how this is appropriate to do to other creatures if it is not in fact okay to do to human beings. The thought of using bodies as displays and not respecting what they were or what they are is what these pieces made me think of. I think the composition of both pieces help me to feel this way by showing the hooks and strings in the first photo (reminiscent of puppetry) and getting up close to the details of the raw meat (carcass) in the second image,

  7. I really like the texture and light reflection displayed in the photo of the squid. The picture brings up sad feelings because of the limpness of the limbs and the darkness of the photo. In life squid are very graceful and fast so it definitely reflects the difference that death makes. I didn’t really feel that the meat photo goes well with the squid photo.

  8. The subject matter here is portrayed in an unusually graceful and beautiful way. I like how each photograph is framed and that the composition is just as important as the subject. I really enjoyed looking at both photographs.

  9. These photos are both disgusting and beautiful. The way the meat is gracefully hung is so delicate and gentle. The subject matter itself has a connotation of being violent and ugly, but you have made these objects beautiful.

  10. Really like the resemblence between these two images. They share a rhythmic pattern which I find interesting.

  11. Both of these photos are very interesting. At first I didn’t know exactly what I was looking at then when I finally figured it out it felt very disturbing. The overall subject matter is disgusting and unsettling but this is impressive photographic work. Great lighting and composition.

  12. I like your first picture really. The texture was well captured and depicted by the camera. The light addes so much feeling to it. However, I cant tell the connection between your two photos. I am interested in knowing more about the stories and your ideas behind them!

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