photography, Virginia Tech

Rachel Scott



Rachel Scott
ART 2664: Digital Photography
Cyanotype; 8″ x 10″

This photographic series combines portraiture with individual text responses through the use of cyanotype printing. Behind each face is a series of question responses regarding how each person perceives themselves, how they believe others perceive them, and how their perceptions of their environments affect them individually. To introduce an aspect of uncertainty, I did not include the questions that were asked in the final image, in hopes that the viewer might be able to draw their own conclusions about each of the subjects.

12 thoughts on “Rachel Scott”

  1. I was immediately drawn into these photos when scrolling through the site. Your focus on identity is very intriguing and I love how I am pulled into the photo through the text, even though not all of the text is completely legible. While focusing on perception/opinions, I think it was a great choice for you to include photos that appear almost like a mug shot. The gaze of the subject is piercing as well as if almost daring the viewer to judge them.

  2. Wow! I really enjoy these images. I’m a huge fan of photography that has been graphically changed in some way, so these are extremely appealing. They have a haunting beauty about them. I like the the handwriting that is a part of the image is still readable as well. Additionally, I think your idea for a series is really interesting. It is slightly reminiscent of a diary or letter from a war or something of that nature due to the distressed look of the photos.

  3. Very interesting idea. This is also a very unique way to portray this idea. Great use of multimedia, with very beautiful results. Maybe, in later images you could try to capture the personality of the people in the photographs instead of just taking normal portraits. I think trying that out, might enhance the message that you’re trying to get across.

  4. These pictures were very alluring and really caught caught my eye when I was scrolling through the page! I love how the photographer captured the “mug shot” look of the two people and really emphasized each ones identity by asking them questions and having their responses be overlapped with their picture. The serious look on their faces really have you question what story is behind them, and make you want to learn more about them, which is supported by the shown text which helps lead the viewer to read it and actually learn more about who they are, and what they like.

    The composition overall is really well put together as well, especially with the white box behind their portraits, framing them in a sort of window putting all of the attention on them. The cyanotype like coloring gives off a different and more mysterious vibe as well, also leading back to the viewer wanting to learn more about the “mysterious” people by reading the words written.

  5. The combination effects are very successful. The color tone mimics a sketchy effect from using ball point pen and works well with the texts beneath the pictures. While the texts bring extra meaning and thoughts to the identity presentation, the details of the face and power in eyes are still strong enough to attract the viewer’s attention.

  6. I think this photo set and exploration was a great idea and was well executed! I really enjoy how rugged and grungy the final products appear, and aesthetic imperfections such as the marks left by tape on the top and right side of the images encourage this rough feel. I think there may have been a way to incorporate the questions that were asked of these individuals, but maybe in a less obvious, not so clear way. I think this may have helped to draw the viewer in to read the responses whereas when you see a large body of text how it is here, the average viewer would be hesitant to dive right in and investigate what the text means and represents without the explanation.

  7. The concept for this set of photos is great – really, really well thought out. I appreciate that the questions which the subjects responded to were not provided. Other comments suggest that the portraits resemble mugshots, however I feel that the subjects’ expressions are very raw and seem to represent a less-often seen, personal emotion. Love the decision to print them as cyanotypes.

  8. I think your concept is strong and relatable. I like that you went monochrome but instead of black and white you did cyanotype. That was a solid choice. I think your second photo is lit better. There is more of the face that is cyanotype. I think I would try to boost your lighting, but it’s a beautiful idea and the photos are very nice.

  9. This is such a neat concept. I had to google what cyanotype printing was. I am curious to how you did this though. In the cyanotype process, is it like paint on emulsion where you can use the paper they wrote on and print straight to that paper?
    These are beautiful! I am intrigued by the use of text with photographs. I am wanting to do a series on mental illnesses and this has inspired me to use text with my photos. It wouldn’t be in such a way as this but I might play around with it! I think the intense shadows add drama to the photos. Overall interesting pieces! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Love this concept! The technique here is very interesting as well. The ability to combine concept and technique and end up with some high quality images is quite impressive! The use of portraits in this body of work really works to invoke an extremely personable response in viewers, which is captivating! I would love to see more of this type of concept combined with your printing technique!

  11. I think these photographs are very powerful in that they convey a strong message of how people perceive themselves and what it’s like to confront that head on. I like that you can read the words while looking directly at the person whose words they are. I also like how it looks like the people are also made of ink.

  12. These images/photographs are stunning. I love portrait photography and this was such a new and refreshing take on the typical “portrait.” The color and expressions that they have on their face are absolutely perfect. The shadows and highlights, the dark spots, the light spots, it is a perfect balance of all factors and I would buy this if I could. Amazing job.

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