10 thoughts on “Rhakim Smith”

  1. Wow! The lightning one is definitely a nice catch!! The overall atmosphere is really dramatic. I’m thinking if you could adjust the level and curve a little bit, and bring up the lightness and contrast a little bit, it’d be an even more striking and powerful image to look at. again, nice catch!!

  2. This series is so dynamic because of the richness/saturation of color. I love how each photo seems to portray one prominent color and wonder what a large series of images, all of a different color, would look like. I am also very interested in the defined shadow in the second photo and wonder if the overlay of the shadow following the line of the animal’s leg was intentional.

  3. These are very interesting and bold photos! I noticed in the description it says “Unique Screen Captures.” The second photo definitely seems to be from a video game. Are these both scenes from game play? If so, that is a very interesting idea! My first thought was “well, this isnt photography if it’s a video game,” but after thinking about it…you are still using a “camera” and snapping a photo, which means you are still thinking like a photographer. You still have to think about the composition before taking the shot. I think that this opens up a good deal of discussion on the definitions and barriers of photography! Nicely done.

  4. Very interesting concepts. Considering you’re snapping photos of already digital subjects, the composition of each seems extremely calculated. The contrast in these images is intense; in the bottom photo the ground. blood mark, and the shadow immediately catch the eye due to not only the color of the ground, but the flatness of it. These images have really opened my eyes to some different possibilities one can go with digital photography.

  5. I think the fact that these are screen shots is a bit lazy on your part (as “photography”) but it is important to comment on the appropriation involved with website such as Tumblr where artists are collecting inspiration from unknown sources and redistributing that. I think the fact you stole these photos and rearranged them isn’t really photography but more of a web installation. If you are interested in that I would explore the digital art world since your piece only exists in cyber space.

  6. Of the two, I am drawn to the first photo. I enjoy the organic feeling of this piece – the colors, scene, and composition are all successfully fantasy, yet somehow still believable. I’m a bit distracted by the starkness of the human shadow in the second. I’m assuming that ‘unique screen shots’ means that this image is likely from the digital world, so I’m wondering what the shot could have looked like if the shadow were to be removed completely. I think it could be beneficial to the image and to the series. Just a thought.

  7. Wow, really cool idea to use screenshots of digital programs as a form of photography. I appreciate the concepts you have put in juxtaposition here. I see the wild waves in a storm representing the wrath of nature and the bottom photo representing the wrath of man. I really like the composition of the first photo, it has an incredibly majestic quality. The composition of the bottom photo, however, I think could be improved. I really like the positions of both of the figures, and the viewpoint gives an interesting angle, but I the shadow bugs me where it now lies. The composition is lacking balance, and I think that could be achieved by moving the shadow.

  8. I think these images are poignant and very interesting. The familiar first person view from a video game is very effective. The point of view being that which any player would see in that virtual space, enables any viewer to imagine themselves there, especially through the shadow. I remember seeing some images from the photographer Adam Ekberg of empty landscapes fro Grand Theft Auto. i don’t think he has them on his website anymore but he might be a good person to talk to. What I like in your images is the focus on the human presence and isolation in a constructed reality. I’d like to see more!

  9. Wow! Very interesting photographs—both as individual photos, and as a pair seen together. The first photo is hardly recognizable as a screenshot, but when paired with the second, one second-guesses oneself. That makes for a really fascinating juxtaposition. The second photo is more obviously a screenshot, but the moment you captured seems really unique. The shadow of a human figure just overlaps the dead deer; the hand close to its head or neck. Is the figure going to further mutilate or defile the dead/dying animal, or is it there to help somehow? The uncertainty in this photo keeps me interested.

  10. This photoset is confusing in a good way. I am really drawn to the shadow included in the last picture. There is a sense of capturing the human involvement and destruction of nature in these photos. The video game vibe causes me to wonder if there is implied meaning in the sense of false reality in the way these photos were captured and what they mean.

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