11 thoughts on “Dale Mina”

  1. I feel like this series could benefit from a more unified lighting set-up. The shadow in the second photograph seems a bit distracting. So does the cropped-off elbow in first photograph. Nice color toning, I often find it difficult to play with color tint and temperature, The color tone chosen here seems appropriate.

  2. I would love to know the background story/inspiration for this series. Is it a self-portrait? It seems to represent an element of self harm because of the finger placement on the point of the triangle. His face signifies such pain and seems to even become more intense in the second photo. I also find it interesting that a shadow only exists in the second photo and wonder if that was an intentional choice?

  3. Dear Dale,
    It seems to me that these two photos are to be about some sort of internal struggle, actualized in the expression of the person being photographed. (May be a self-portrait, not sure). The fact that the man is centered in both photos makes him more confrontational to us as viewers. The high contrast of shadow on his face, partially on the top photo, has a film noire quality and also one of mystery. I am not sure if the expression on his face is guilt or pain or both.

    The lighting on the face of the top photo is much better. Not having a cast shadow behind the figure creates more of a mystery about the depth of field. What type of a space is he standing in? Also why is he holding the architect’s or designer’s triangle and why the soap covered hands? He was caught in the act of washing his hands of something… A strange sort of McBeth reference?!? To strengthen both compositions, consider the framing of the torso and the arms. If you show the images together, it would be good to have the same space above the head in each—more of an identical look, except a shift in the subjects actions. Consider marking the camera and the position of the subject (say on the floor) so the same position could be re-made for each image.
    Congrats on the mystery!

  4. I like the details of the figure’s expressions in both pictures. You did a good job setting the lighting and you made the picture quality sharp. As you were focusing on the figure in a direct manner, I wish the figure in first picture at the middle of the image, instead of being cropped out in part of the left arm.

  5. The lighting in these photos is really intriguing. It seems like it’s alluding to something that can’t be seen or something that is internal. The photos, especially the first, are very provocative as far as making the viewer think. For instance, the first photo makes me think that the subject is going to cut himself with the triangle, or cause some form of harm. It draws you in and makes you think about what the connection between the two photographs is.

  6. These pictures are really weird and intriguing. The facial expressions do seem out of place for what would appear to be a simple portrait, and do bring intensity and drama to a simple seen with simple lights. But what gets me most is the lighting. The intensity of the key light is surreal because it does not completely wash out the face yet it seems really bright in places. I assume you edited it some how to get this effect. Also the shadows seem to be filled slightly with additional lights perhaps, I’m not sure in any case whatever you did to edit or light it, it produced a compelling photo, that makes me wonder. How the hell did he do that?

  7. I was really drawn into these photos. At first I thought his hands were covered in powder and holding a knife, but after looking more closely I realized that wasn’t the case at all. The light choices in these portraits are very professional looking and I think your choice of contrast and color are great as well. If I would change anything, I would change the shadow on the backdrop of the bottom photo!

  8. His facial expression is almost the same in both photos which makes me focus more on what his hands are doing. It’s a nice effect. I wish the shadow was gone in the second image so that they were even more identical. I’m not sure what these images mean but they are definitely intriguing.

  9. This diptych is a clear representation of some internal struggle, suggested to perhaps be the daily struggle of a creative person by the tools present and facial expression. Technically the image is working—the dark gray of the background and shirt set add darkness to the studio setting—but a few fixes to shadows on the backdrop would resolve the image further. The image is also quite grainy, which may be intentional—something to be aware of.

  10. I enjoy looking at your photos, and they do a really good job capturing emotion. For each photo, I am left wondering what he is holding and why it’s causing him to be so emotional. The lighting on his face is very intense, but adds to the mood of the series.

  11. This series of portrait you took looks awesome!You’ve captured the facia; expression extremely well by using the lighting and shadow. And at the same time giving a light on the object at the object to highlight it. This two point you want to emphasis are all successfully point out, and giving the images a illustration.

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