18 thoughts on “Madelyn Houghton”

  1. These images are stunning. The double exposures done digitally is a great use of technology to create such gorgeous Surrealist looking photos. The top image is so confusing and wonderful, making the viewer confused of what and where the landscape is and I personally love that tree branches on the woman’s back which almost look like vines wrapping around her or an enormous tattoo. The subjects create a sense of anonymity despite that “everyone is special”. There’s a sense of distance with them being nude and looking away from the camera. In the second image with the tree on the right, it’s a really interesting suggestion of the passage of time where one exposure is barren branches, whilst the other is a fully-leaved tree.I think the subtle coloring is a nice touch and would be interested to see what these could do in black and white as well as what the rest of the series looks like and any sort of explanation for the series the artist would have.

  2. Dear Madelyn,
    Thanks for posting these two photos together.
    I think the top image of the woman and the lake works well since there is more contrast of lights and darks. The bottom image of the man and the house, although interesting and dreamlike, has less tonal range which makes the photograph more flat, and a little harder to connect with, both emotionally and formally. I am wondering if more contrast around the foreground plant or figure, in terms of lights and darks would make the piece more balanced and defined visually.
    Best of luck. The top one is very nice.

  3. I find the top image to be a very powerful look into the human psyche. The composition of the image tells a story of a broken girl imagining a better world for herself. The separation in not only color, but space helps to enhance this fantasy and place it firmly in the realm of Suggestivism.

    The bottom image is not nearly as successful, our subject gets lost in the texture of the house and tree, which doesn’t allow for the same sort of dream snapshot that the top image has.

  4. The double exposures in this photo set are what really caught my eye and made me interested. At first glance in the top photo, I saw a girl looking out into a lake, but then soon saw the landscape in the background. I think its a complex image with just the right amount of confusion. The amount of contrast is successful, even with all of the dark colors in the image. The second image is not as successful, for the main subject, the figure, is not as apparent. There is not enough contrast on the bottom half of the image, and the double exposure is not as apparent either.

  5. This is nothing less than exquisite pieces. There is a wonderful contrast between the models and their surroundings. Just enough information to leave the viewer in their own thoughts which I strongly believe are the best kind of pieces. The two images complete each other very nicely as they correspond with one another. What would happen is there was more of a contrast between the models and the surroundings? Would this decrease or increase the quality of the statement?

  6. I love the eerie surreal feeling of the double exposure that makes them feel like they both belong and don’t at the same time. The contrast of the first image works well for the overall composition. The second image may be darker but I feel it adds to the overall concept.

  7. I really like the double exposures in these two photographs, especially because it combines the human body with the nature setting around them. This makes the photos so much more interesting to look at and really pulls your attention to the finer details. Also, the way the man kind of disappears in the bottom picture is really intriguing because it takes a while for the viewer to actually see the guy and it takes them by surprise. The natural beauty is really captured in both of these photographs with the topless woman overlaid with the tree branches, and the naked man covered in trees too. In contrast to the natural beauty setting, there’s also a sense of isolation and brokenness between the two with their bare bodies being exposed and they’re both alone in abandoned looking places, which I think is another great concept that you captured.

  8. I like your idea mimicking the effect of double exposure, and I think you did a great job in composition and placing the dark and light areas. The overall colors are consistent. Meanwhile, I wish to see more details of the figures. And I think the figure in second picture could pop out more and balance the large dark area.

  9. Wow, I am absolutely fascinated by these images, especially the first. I get a very Native American feel with the figures and context as well. The simplicity and complexity that these images seem to carry on simultaneously is captivating. I wish there was a story behind them that the viewer could take in to know the inspiration behind them. I think I am drawn more to the first because of the light – it allows me to see more of what’s going on. In the second, I am not quite as drawn in because there is less to direct my eye.

  10. The element of overlay is used quite flawlessly in this set of photos. I can’t help but wonder how many original images were used to create this effect. Your muted color palette is quite powerful as well because even though it is quite dull, there is still a nice range of color from blue to orange. It seems that these complementary shades are balanced well across the pieces also as in the top one it draws your eye diagonally from bottom left to top right, and in the second from top to bottom.

  11. There’s a really ghostly feel to these pictures, especially for the bottom one. Also the overlaying looks really good and doesn’t overpower the rest of the photo. The only nitpick I have is for the top one, it’s a little unclear if the girl is near a body of water or standing in a field.

  12. The use of layers is so confusingly awesome. The bits and pieces stitched together are a little disorienting, lending to the dream-like feel of the series. I am more drawn to the first image because of how strong the subject is as part of the piece. The subject in the second image gets just a little lost amongst the cluster of other images. Really cool execution

  13. This set of photos immediately caught my eye because I was intrigued by the composite of multiple images combined into single images. I think at first glance I wanted to investigate what was going on and figure out which areas belonged to each photo in the original state. After looking closer and noticing that certain parts from each individual image were combined with other areas from a separate image and not being able to make sense of exactly what is being portrayed I was still interested. I think that these images are definitely intriguing on their own, although I am not too sure that what message, if any, is attempting to be communicated with them. If they are just editing explorations and do not serve specific purposes or attempt to provide an answer to any sort of investigation, then I believe they are successful in being interesting. Though if there is an exploration of a certain topic that is being addressed, I do not think that is made totally clear.
    Cool composites / photos either way, though. Nice work with them!

  14. I think you did a great job combining these photos to create the double exposure. Both figures are well incorporated into their space, but they are not lost. I like that in the first photo the woman takes up the “empty” space and it seems as though the colors change in the rest of the photo because of her. I think the man in the bottom photo fits into his surroundings really well and communicates with what is around him, especially because of the direction his head is facing.

  15. I was immediately drawn into the first photograph with the woman who is not facing the viewer but the distorted view and the composition of the double exposure gives the photograph depth. I really liked it.

  16. As much as I love double exposures I think there is too much going on in both photos. I think a simpler photo for one of the layers (particularly in the bottom photo) would have been more powerful.

  17. Hi Madelyn,

    These two photos go well together and I enjoy the double exposure. The way you used it gives it a camera obscura type feel. I do feel though that the second photo looks a little too dark and is too crowded make out the figures within the image. Maybe try lightening it and more contrast between light and dark, with fewer subjects.

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