9 thoughts on “Ye Ji”

  1. I think that this is a great idea for a series. When I was in Europe, I too loved to take photos of doors and windows because the architecture is so beautiful. The first photo is so emotive that I wonder what inspired you to choose it? I also am wondering what it would be like if you categorized the other photos in some way – maybe by color, door shape, where you took it, etc.

  2. I love this concept. Once I knew all the photographs were doors, the installation came to life. Despite not being able to see any of the details of the photographs, simply seeing all the different colors and designs was very interesting. It also allowed some of my own imagination to fill in some of the lost details.

  3. the flickr gallery is fun to look at because as you progress through the images each door is a variation on its own theme, each a two dimensional composition. I would like to see them in a slide show in fasion. Maybe because I’m lazy. I like how their is no discrimination. Like it’s not just fancy doors, or just doors with graffiti, or even just square doors. It’s all doors, the humanity of doors, and everyone’s included.

  4. This is a really interesting series to me, because I also love taking pictures of architecture, and you made such simple things as these doors become beautiful and look incredible. The photo of the door that you chose on top is really beautiful, especially with the shadows on it and the sculptures. At first glance I would’ve had no idea that the bottom picture was a collage of all the doors without your description provided, however, aesthetically it’s really interesting because of the variety of colors and styles you see when you get to look closer at it.

  5. Dear Ye Ji,

    Entries and exits, and some threshholds. That is the phrase I am thinking of with these photos. I like the ambitious nature of this project. 1,000!

    I am wondering if the final installation could have some additional considerations. For instance arranging the photos by color, tone or type of door (wooden, glass store front, closed metal door, etc..) to give a strong visual impact of the 1,000 photos, beyond being a collage. What would it be like if you printed 3 copies of each photo and made three different final installations based on how the images are arrange? Congrats on the project!

  6. I love how, while some are very similar, no two doors are alike. Each door is unique and architecturally beautiful alone with the colors and details. Together this collective is stunning and each complements each other.

  7. I think this installation is really beautiful! Having traveled to Rome myself, I recognize how beautiful and unique each door is. The colors and designs of the individual doors come together to make a wonderful collage of the whole set. Separately, each image is interesting alone, playing with light and shadows; although, these images would not be as strong standing alone than as this installation.

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