​Betsy Johnson

IMG_3150 copy_FLAT

IMG_3150_EDIT copy_FLAT

​Betsy Johnson
ART 300 Digital Photography
archival pigment prints; 10″ x 7.5″

This work is part of a series I’m developing that deals with structures of power that are enforced, constructed, and disassembled through how we use language. I am attempting to communicate language’s role in the distribution of agency and the hidden cycles of violence it can perpetuate. This work is coming from the feminist perspective, and the content centers on gender roles and performance.

Ien Halsted



Ien Halsted
Art 376 Photography
silver prints; 8″ x 10″

Part of an intro to analog printing at an academic level, trial and error in the search of a balanced print. The architecture in the image of the archway is inside the capital building here in Madison, WI and was submitted for an assignment in vantage point. The other image is me in an image for an assignment in low-light/long exposure. The architecture image I like as a composition, and am really satisfied with its tonal palette. The image of me I like, because the juxtaposition of a smile on a neutral face, is a frown.

Andrea D’Alfonso

photo exchange 2 IMG_1184-1

photo exchange IMG_1295

Andrea D’Alfonso
Art 300 Photography 2
digital prints; 7.5″ X 10.5″
20 images in total

My idea with this series is to concentrate on capturing the steps leading up to the final product of an artwork. Showing viewers that sometimes the process can be just as beautiful as the end result. The materials captured are not the most pristine, which I hope adds to the image, making something that doesn’t seem worth taking note of, beautiful and intriguing. Through use of the aforementioned along with diagonals and movement I hope to show the viewers that sometimes the process can be just as beautiful as the end result, by creating captivating images that draw the viewer’s eye into the pieces.