2 thoughts on “Kallerine Strazdas”

  1. This is really fantastic and impressive! I have also done something similar in photography by layering a round-framed picture over regular rectangular photos to see how the two layers would interact and create an interesting sense of multiple spaces. And I’m so impressed by your video and surprised how the interaction around the round edge is so dynamic once the technique is put into use in motion pictures. Also, with the person holding the disc and turning it, breaking the fixed frame of a perfect circle, it makes the interaction even more dynamic, and more importantly, it makes the superimposition more realistic in a sense that the disc is not simply layered over the whole video, but actively moving inside the space, relating to the person and the mise-en-scene. It makes the changing circle look like a real portal connecting two spaces. I think it’s the most successful part of the work. I really appreciate your idea and green screen skills, and I hope to see more of your works later. Maybe in the future you can try creating this double layering in more complicated scenes, or letting the disc interact not only with the figure but also with other subjects, in even more creative ways. Again, this is very impressive and inspiring.

  2. I love the content of this video! As someone who hates winter with a passion, this is fun to watch. I’ve never had the pleasure of messing around with green screen myself, so I really enjoyed seeing how creatively it can be used. Great work!

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