6 thoughts on “Ye Ji”

  1. Okay Ji, this is really clever. They look like a group of shards of a broken ceramics, but I think you were using paper cutouts and putting them behind something. It also makes you want to see all over the pictures to really take it all in.

  2. This is really impressive. The pattern of the stencil makes the pictures visually interesting, and creates these small triangular windows into abstract pictures, leading people to see more behind but rejecting to make a coherent image. I really enjoy this process of looking back and forth between the two layers of abstract forms.

  3. I find myself looking at whats behind the stencil. The images really draw the view in and keeps them there. I think you could go much bigger than 6″ x 9″.

  4. I like the idea that you’re abstracting abstract images. The original ones without the stencil already require more thought, as they are not recognizable right away. The stencil on top only makes it more confusing, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Somehow it’s only more interesting and aesthetically pleasing. You did a great job. I do agree that they’d be a lot stronger if they were printed larger.

  5. I think that there is a lot of interesting things going on in this image. I would be interested to see the stencil over an non-abstract image- since the stenciling abstracts and breaks up the picture so much already. I think that this technique in its entirety is very clever and you could do a lot of experimenting with it! 🙂

  6. I really enjoy the sense of shattered reality in these images. The use of an already abstract image as the base makes it seem as if each little shatter is a window to its own little world.

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