12 thoughts on “Fengyu (Lloyd) Wang”

  1. These photographs are really beautiful and really grab your attention visually. The bottom picture almost looks like a reflection in the water on the ground of a person. However, the top one looks more like an overlaid picture and not like a reflection at all. Also, the vibrant colors give off a really god vibe to each piece, and helps attract the viewers attention with the bright exaggerated blues, yellows, and greens. I really love how each picture is sort of split up in a way with all the lines of the sidewalk “framing” individual parts. Overall I think these pictures are really beautiful and the colors and subjects give off a good feeling to the viewers.

  2. These are excellent photographs. They present a very interesting composition that makes the viewer really think about what they are looking at. The color of these photos is spectacular and vivid. The fact that you rotated the photos 180 degrees makes for an interesting perspective. Well done!

  3. Lloyd, I was really drawn to your images in class & now as well. These were two that I felt were the strongest at the time, so I’m very glad that you chose them to showcase here. It didn’t occur to me before, but did you use HDR at all on these images? If not, it might be something to consider because I think it would lend itself very well to this style. While I enjoy both images, I am still particularly struck by the first. I love that you do not know what exactly is going on because it could be overlayed or it could not be – makes you think. I also really enjoy your vibrant blues! Can’t wait to see what you do if you continue with this series.

  4. The perspective of that second photography: woah! Right away that caught my eye and made it linger. I think it is the perspective that will draw viewers in, but curiosity and a need to understand will hold their attention. It’s what is holding mine at least.

    The contrast is giving off this really ominous vibe; I can see that it is an intentional choice. Especially in the top of the first image where the corners seem to darken and have this grunge-ish appearance. I can also see it in the image below it, but less so. Your image overlay is interesting as well. It allows for multiple points of view, especially in the bottom photo. My eye is still trying to comprehend that one—I feel like there is so much to look at, not in the actual subject matter, but in the way you have chosen to present it within the subject matter.

  5. The juxtaposition of a mundane puddle and the heroic back of a person is strong in the second photo. Saturated color, line arrangement, choice of perspective, among other formal elements, are pleasing to look at. In the first photograph, color contrast with the orange of the building and blue sky is beautiful. I can see the composition is well thought out, with the nice touch of just a little bit of snow framing the bottom of the image. These two photographs are full of nice details to invite closer inspection.

  6. The saturated nature of these photos is a great choice! It gives them a darker feel, a bit grungy while at the same time being a bit fantastical, like images out of a dystopian novel. The composition of each of these seems well thought out, and they give me the feeling of leaning, which is a little disconcerting, but only makes the pieces stronger.

  7. These images really catch your eye. The high contrast between the mundane sidewalk and bright sky and objects is very interesting. The second image seems much more like a reflection because of the textures and integration of the sidewalk. The first image is not as believable because it just looks like a photo overlay. The angles created from the sidewalk really make these photos dynamic; they add another layer in the photo and continue your eye throughout each image.

  8. I really like your idea and special perspectives in the pictures. You also did a good job in editing the colors of the reflections which stand out really well. You have good choices of the compositions involving the directions of the grid on floor at the same time.

  9. I love the idea of capturing images in reflections. Your images are super clear and it makes them sort of surreal. What confused me was the first image. Is it up-side-down?

  10. I am also doing a project focusing on reflections, i have been working on it for several years but am not doing a series for my class.
    my ideas –> my main idea is to show my viewers the world thew a different perspective/ how i view the world, to address the idea that there is no one right way to view things, the idea that a simple perspective change can shift ones ideas about something dramatically

    i was wondering what you are focusing on?

  11. I really like the water reflections being used for the main idea. I’m surprised that the reflections looks pretty good and are very clear. The perspectives are also neat and they’re not just straight ahead shots.

  12. I like that you didn’t take the photographs straight at your subject, but instead took them as a reflection in a puddle. I also like the geometric aspect the lines in the pavement bring to the photos and how they break up the picture. The fact that they are taken in a puddle also makes me wonder what else surrounds the subject.

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