5 thoughts on “Lauren Arndt”

  1. I love these photos and can’t help but explore the entire image. I do wonder which photo came first in time – which one is a result of the other. It’s interesting how because the second image is more close-up, you see a lot of fine detail and the texture of your hands, which heightens the contrast between the first image which is much softer. Great series!

  2. interesting concept, that idea that something so simple as our nails can tell so much about us. I mean the top one is the person who tries to seem perfect but at the same time has a few chips and scratches but in the end has it all together, where the bottom one is stressed and worn down. I wish the composition was the same though, maybe you were going for a closer image on the 2nd one but I feel its distracting to the message you are trying to convey.(if there is one)

  3. I’m interested in what the significance of the hand position is. Is it the sign language letter e? Your series seems to either be about details as seemingly minute as fingernails being representative of a person or the passage of time.

  4. In answer to the questions above me, the second image actually came first in time and was supposed to be posted first, but unfortunately it was not. They are both images of my own hands and do detail many of the things in the comments above. I have used biting/picking my nails as a crutch for a very long time for both boredom and stress, but have recently tried to stop. As such, the second image covers the way that my nails look nearly normal when grown out and can represent how easily people can cover flaws and issues that people would never know they had. All it takes is a little “polish.”

  5. I really like these photos as I myself am a nail biter! I also really like the texture of the hands and how the close up picture forces you to look at the nails which aren’t so pretty.

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