7 thoughts on “Aj Becker”

  1. I like the use of the blue. The cool tones of these images give the feeling of futuristic or the unknown. The light between the hands in the second image is the strongest part of the image for me. The subjects sturdy hands around the light “orb” makes me sense that something is going to appear or disappear into the light.

  2. Good use of the blue lighting, and I especially love the bottom one with the light ball in his hands, that’s really creative. I also like how the contrasts on the subjects are just right so they stand out well enough.

  3. I think there is a gap between the image and the description in these two photographs. Seeing the photos with and without the “moon city ” narrative doesn’t change my perception of the photos by too much. They remind me of futuristic fashion photography. My guess is that these photos lack a otherworldly look in them: The “moon city citizens” look like human, they are wearing regular garment, their face is presented without too much alteration, etc. I think there is room for improvement on makeup, costume, and stage setup to make this series more surreal and effective.

  4. I agree with the comment about the disconnection between the “Moon City” narrative and the photos. The fashion in these photos are too recognizable as current trends to be perceived as style of the future. And I don’t see any examples of the technology that enabled the subject’s enlightenment. What I do think is effective is the use of the background in both photos. The introduction that the setting is on the Moon, filled with technology, creates intrigue with how the backgrounds are composed of blurred objects. This leaves the imagination to create it’s own perception of what this world may be like, aiding in the immersion of the Moon City narrative. I think it is a strong concept that just needs to be made use of in the right way.

  5. I definitely get a future-like feel when looking at these two photographs. The bright blue dark lights help give off an eery, mysterious glow and effect on each picture. The framing of having both the subjects in the middle of the frames was a good choice, because your eye goes directly towards them, making them the center of attention. What’s nice are the extra lights in the background of each picture because your eye goes from looking at the person in the middle, to being distracted by the bright spots of light around them which leads your eye all around the frame.

  6. Really beautiful portraiture! With just these photos, I’m curious as to how Moon City will be realized. Your use of lights is very well executed as well. Bravo, my friend.

  7. The use of blue lighting was a strong choice for both of these images. They make the portraits look very intergalatic and at the same time very celebrity-like. Great choice.

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