3 thoughts on “Anne Rauschert”

  1. I like the message that’s conveyed here where you see love in the top picture, and then in the bottom picture you see fighting and violence with the guys wrestling each other. The colors on the bottom are really compelling with the black and white in the background, and having only the one guy in full color is really interesting because it highlights him and how he’s the one mainly in pain with the other guy punching/kicking him. The framing in the top picture works really well to because by them being in the center of the frame, they’re the main center of attention and the soft colors of blue and white throughout the piece emphasizes the softness and happiness/love idea of the photo. The framing of the bottom one works really well too by having the guy who’s in full color be directly in the middle as well so it looks like the picture is all about him.

  2. I like both images a lot. The couple you captured in your first image, they look really natural and relaxing which I think is a hard thing to achieve. The bottom one is well captured too and it is full of motion.

  3. I really like the contrast between the two images: one shows peace and love, the other showing a wrestling match. The first image does look to be a bit overexposed, but I think that in this case it doesn’t really detract from the image given the content. I find the second interesting as well, in how you keep the Badger wrestler in color, as if you’re showing that he’s the one to root for.

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