8 thoughts on “Lucy Nystrom”

  1. First image is a perfect example of eye candy, bright colors, perfectly balanced composition, and skulls, everybody loves skulls. I just glanced your picture over someone else’s shoulder, and instantly loved it without even really looking at it. Your second image is almost the opposite, I have taken pictures like this as well, where they look interesting when you take them, but what is missing is the context that you naturally feel when taking the picture. As viewers we don’t have that context, and if there is nothing of interest in the frame, we are quickly distracted. Of course on closer inspection there are interesting things going on in your picture, like barometers? canes? barbershops?, but they are all kind of melted together so they are hard to appreciate.

  2. The first image is visually pleasing to me. The colorful skulls with their reflections on the table create these delicate patterns that change my perception of the objects. I wonder what if you rotate the image, make it vertical or up-side-down.

    I saw your comment about how you are interested in looking at things from a different point of view, and create interesting perspectives. I can see your idea work in your second photograph. My eyes are constantly drawn between the inner space of the gallery-like interior and the reflected one of the exterior, trying to distinct the two and gradually getting lost. I think we share some similar interests. I’m also working on reflections, and I hope to create images that are at first disorienting, and even totally confusing because of the perspective, but, most importantly, by looking at it, I hope the viewer could finally figure out how they are oriented and realize they are just realistic photos presented in different ways. Your photos are really interesting as the two spaces are superimposed, and because it is hard to figure out, the viewer is invited to look back and forward. Again, I really like your photos.

  3. I really like your concept behind the pictures. To bring out present the reflections, I would suggest you to do more color and contrast adjustments to make stronger visual effects. In addition, the second picture seems to have too many distracting parts for me. I encourage you to purposely choose what to include in the reflections and use editing to emphasize your vision.

  4. The reflections on the plastic skulls look nice, especially when the three skulls are together like that. It looks like they’re about to merge into one thing. The reflection on the store window is nice too, I like how you have to focus on many things at once, without feeling overloaded.

  5. I really enjoy your use of color in both of your pieces. vibrant skulls compared with the muted shop contrast but both use color very nicely.

  6. I would love to see more work in your series and exactly how you plan to utilize your reflections. For example, I love how in the first photo the objects along with their reflection create one geometric image. The second photo, however, creates much interest and has great depth because the viewer tries explore what the image is of. It will be interesting to see if you continue specifically down one of those paths with the rest of your work.

  7. I really like the idea of this series. I think the first one really fits the framework and it is very visually appealing. The second one does not do it for me as much. Its difficult to decide what to focus on. Would love to see where you take this.

  8. I really enjoy your first picture! I feel like the colors of the three skulls compliment each other quite well. The barbershop picture on the other hand makes me a bit confused. I don’t know if I want to see more of the inside of the barbershop or more of the street reflection.

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